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Rulon Huntsman


As responsive legal counsel for businesses and individuals since 1983, we have been assisting clients with the following legal services:

  • Elder law services
  • Final years planning, elder care planning and providing senior services
  • VA Disabilities Law - As a VA experienced law firm we can assist and represent clients in applying for their VA Disabilities benefits.
  • Business planning – We are experienced with business planning and will work with you to create a business plan or estate planning strategy that is aimed at minimizing your tax burden.
  • Immigration - We have represented hundreds of immigration clients. We are also past and current members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).
  • Injury Law - We have represented many clients over the years in obtaining financial recovery for their injuries incurred as a result of the neglience of others. We, particularly, specialize in investment recovery and business losses due to the fraudulent conduct of others.

You can reach me at: (702) 250-3500 or go to the Contact page and submit a request.

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